Our Team

Our collective mission is to revolutionize clinical care by making the newest research-based interventions more accessible and engaging for consumers through the use of gaming technology. Our products are developed collaboratively by scientists, patients, and clinicians. 


Lynne Gauthier, PhD, Founder, Chief Scientific Officer

Neuroscientist and Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy Researcher

Dr. Gauthier is a licensed Clinical Psychologist who specializes in leveraging brain plasticity for better recovery following stroke and brain injury. Her research utilizes new motion capture technology and data analytics to derive personalized insights into motor recovery. She also utilizes advanced neuroimaging approaches to better characterize the brain’s response to various motor interventions. Her laboratory has secured 8 years of continuous funding from competitive institutes, including the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute and the American Heart Association. Dr. Gauthier co-chairs the Neuroplasticity working group for the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine and is a member of the Stroke Interdisciplinary working group and Technology networking group.


Roger Crawfis, PhD, Founder, Chief Executive Officer/CTO

Software Design

Dr. Crawfis received his PhD in 1995 from the University of California, Davis/Livermore. As an employee at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory from 1984 until 1996, he performed research on advanced techniques for scientific visualization and the Intelligent Archive Project. He specializes in computer game technologies, interactive applications, and computer graphics, particularly real-time rendering and artificial intelligence. Applying this expertise to rehabilitation gaming allowed for repeated game play with varying conditions and experiences, avoiding repetitive or boring play experience. Dr. Crawfis created and teaches the game curriculum within the Computer Science and Engineering Department at The Ohio State University.