Personalized game-based rehabilitation with less than 1 minute set-up.

No controllers or calibration required.

Game play is driven by body movements

The games “learn” how well a user can move, and automatically adjusts the challenge.

Portable (small computer and camera-based sensor).

Games can be played seated or standing.

Our Games

We offer a suite of games that covers it all;
upper extremity, lower extremity, balance, as well as general fitness and exercise.

Our games suite consists of Recovery Rapids, Space Adventure, Trash Dash, and Exercise Dash.

The aim is to provide a variety of experiences and settings to keep users challenged and engaged.

Each game can be tailored to the specific needs of the user, and our unique software learns along with the user to adjust the challenge level as they improve.

Clinic Version

Includes small portable system, license, and staff training

Provides feedback on client progress

Unlimited user accounts

Contact us for pricing

Home Use Installed System

Includes small computer, sensor, and 1-year license to upper extremity and balance games for a single user. 

Personal Software License

For home users who already have a compatible computer, we supply the software (1-year license).

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