We use video games to make exercise fun and accessible for people with injuries or disability. Our games were designed collaboratively by therapists, scientists, and patients to train balance and to strengthen the core, arms, and legs. Games can be played in-home or in-clinic with minimal equipment.

“Had a lot of therapy [before] and nothing seemed to help. Enjoyed this therapy. [People] should not have to leave their house to get therapy. In-home is better.”

“More effective than other things I did.”

“I have so much more use of my arm. [The therapists who worked with me with the gaming system] were great and knowledgeable.”

“Big return for effort expended. Very much improved use of left hand/arm.”

“It seemed very effective and helped me.”

“It works.”

“I feel it improved movement. If not, it got me using my left arm and hand.”

“Instant knowledge on how good or bad you’re doing.”